The Chamber Pharma Committee met with Sonia Franceski Director for the Middle East of the Office or the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) and Meredith Metzler Economic Officer of Bilateral Trade Affairs at the U.S. State Department.  The discussions revolved around the Free Trade Agreement between Israel and the United States that is now in its 35th year, and on regulatory barriers to trade includng current regulatory reforms under way in which the Amcham Pharma Committee is veyr much involved with the Israeli Ministry of Health. The Chambre also arranged for a meeting of the U.S. delegation with the Ministry of Health Director General, Mr. Moshe Barsimantov. 

The Steering Committee of the OUTSIGHT "Future-of-Work" project ( met to discuss progress and guide the four work groups in "Skills", "Training Programs", "Flexible Working Model", and "Life-Long-Learning". The committee members include participating companies CEOs, Director Generals of several government ministries and senior officials in the IDF, Academic Council, and civic groups. Only through such wide cross-sector collaboration of Business, Government and NGOs can we solve the challenges of today such as the Future of Work and Climate Change.

Participating companies: Intel, AMDOCS, Cisco, IAI, Teva, Strauss, Deloitte, Google, Microsoft, KPMG, CITI

Participating Government agencies and ministries:  Education, Labor, Equal Opportunity, Prime-Minister, Finance, IDF, Civil Service Commission, Council for Higher Education, Foreign M. Joint-TEVET

NGOs: Rothchild, Rashi, Afeka College


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