Israel-America Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM), and its forums for Circular Economy and Climate and Environment initiated an informal meeting this week (Oct. 28) between CEOs and executives of companies participating in the forums, members of the Chamber's board of directors and senior representatives of government ministries dealing with innovation and the environment, at the Midburn Festival 2021. Midburn (Midbar in Hebrew means Desert) is the Israeli manifestation of the American Burning Man.

The goal was a close encounter with the guiding principles of the Midburn community of sustainability, equality, acceptance of the other, recycling, environmental protection, art and more.

For our 25 participants, for 12 hours, it was a particularly fascinating and enjoyable multi-sensory experience.

We are now talking about having a full Camp Amcham at the Midburn 2022 on topics of circular economy, emissions reduction and preserving the climate and the environment, and will connect these to art exhibitions. Stay tuned. Special thanks to Alon Barnea, Amcham's Board member.