Tel Aviv (Dec. 8th) The Circular Economy Forum of Amcham Israel held the Award Announcement Event for the International Innovation Competition. 20 Israeli and American companies including Dow, Intel, P&G, Netafim, IAI, Toyota, Stratasys, Strauss, Unilever and others, presented 24 circular economy challenges. Dozens of teams, companies and individuals from around the world submitted solutions to those challenges.
The winners are:
1st place: PlasticBack ( - low temperature conversion of plastic waste to short hydrocarbon fractions which can be used and upcycled by the petrochemical industry. A huge challenge presented by DOW, of eliminating plastic garbage.
2nd place: TripleW ( upcycling food waste and specific industrial effluents into high-value, low-cost biochemicals in an eco-friendly bioprocess. A challenge presented by Intel.
3rd place: Avoid ( - refill machine for fast moving consumer good that fill and mixes the water content of the product on the spot and also provides an automated post-mix bottling solution. The Challenge was presented by Unilever.
The Amcham CE Forum ( platform had over 6,000 unique visitors in the four months of the competition, and proved an effective tool in bringing together large multinationals with small startups and individuals, creating a community of over 300 circular change makers, and promoting incredible innovation.
Thank you to Avi Blau head of Institute for Circular Engineering and Economy at the Afeka College, and to Camille Janssen, project Coordinator, for leading the Innovation Platform, amongst other activities of the Amcham Israel CE Forum.