Avi Friedman

Senior Country Director United

In 1999, when Continental Airlines launched operation to Israel, Avi Friedman was nominated as the Senior Country Director for Continental.

Between 2007- 2010 he also served as the Senior Country Director for Greece.

Prior to joining Continental, Friedman had a long and distinguished career in Israel’s travel industry. He was Managing Director of Diesenhaus Group, the largest tourism enterprise in Israel, where he spent 32 years.

From 2002 – the present, Friedman has served as a Member of the Executive Board of Directors of the Israel America Chamber of Commerce. He was also Chairman of the BSP in Israel, and held the position of Chairman of the Panel of Foreign Airlines in Israel for many years.

In 2011, following the merger between Continental & United Airlines he was elected to his current position as Managing Director for United Airlines in Israel.

Friedman is married with 2 daughters and has 5 grandchildren.



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