Inspiring Future Generations of Aviation Leaders

United nurtures a future generation of aviation professionals through hands on educational activities and rich internships that position youth to be leaders in this field

Employees Volunteering to Make a Difference in the Community

Intel is Leading in community impact – through dozens of hours volunteered each by thousands of its employees

Other Speech: promoting inclusion and respect online

Collective impact that counters online hate and extremism through initiatives that promote inclusion and respectful online discourse.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workforce

Strauss Group promotes diversity and inclusion as part of its business strategy and implements cross-company targets and activities both internally as well as through its social investment agenda and activity

מקדמים חינוך לבעלי צרכים מיוחדים בפריפריה

ספקטרוניקס מתמקדת בתחום חינוך הדור הבא, בעיר שדרות. החברה תומכת במרכז הלמידה הרב תכליתי בעיר, ומממנת פעילות וסיוע לתלמידים בעלי לקויות למידה בגילאי בית ספר יסודי וחטיבות הביניים.

Providing Humanitarian Relief in Disaster Areas

United helps communities affected by Disaster or in need for aid, respecting their basic human rights and advancing their recovery and long-term well being

Providing for those who need

Abbott Israel employees join forces with the “Pitchon Lev” Food Distribution Center to distribute food baskets for people in need

A Platform for the employees to give back to the community

Through the Day of Good Deeds, AbbVie enables its employees to donate working hours to the community in a variety of ways. In 2017, nearly 50% of the employees volunteered with elderly people living alone, in a rehabilitation facility for people with disabilities and at a children’s hospital in Nazareth.

Investing in Better Food for a Sustainable Future

Strauss Group promotes the Food-Tech industry in Israel and around the world by supporting food-tech start-ups and by creating an eco-system of innovation for a better industry, better food and a better world

Improving hospitalization conditions and the environment for patients and their families

In 2017, Teva allowed better days for more than 35,000 patients by investing in the activities of health organizations for patients and their families in Israel.

Volunteering for patients throughout Israel

One-quarter of 5000 Teva Israel employees volunteer throughout the year in teams who support elderly Holocaust survivors and patients, in meetings to relieve loneliness, visit sick patients in hospitals, and activities that cheer up chronic patients and children. This improves the quality of life of tens of thousands of patients annually.

Energizing the World Bettering People’s Lives

Noble Energy’s CSR vision focuses on technological education with an emphasis on developing a domestic workforce, prepared to meet the increasing demand for professional employees in Israel’s growing natural gas industry

Improving the Lives of the Elderly in the Periphery

Abbott Israel employees renovated a deserted building into a “Pitchon Lev” Elderly Day Care Center in Karmiel

A network Academy for 21 th century skills

Cisco’s Networking Academy has helped educate over 6.9 million young students. In addition Cisco has made in-kind contributions in tools, resources, and support to students, schools, and instructors worth over $2.6 Billion

Impacting Communities Facing Critical Challenges

Since its launch in 2008, IBM’s Corporate Service Corps (CSC) program has contributed over 3000 participants on over 275 teams

Cross Sectorial Partnership to Boost STEM Education

Intel is collaborating with the Ministry of Education and the 5*2 initiative - increasing to record highs the numbers of students in high level (5 units) math

Integrating Disabled People in the Industry

For more than 10 years, Flying Cargo integrates disabled 18-21 year old people in regular work in our Advanced Logistic Centers

Technological Education for Skills of the 21st Century

The workforce of the future will be powered by today’s students. They need cutting-edge skills and desire to apply them to technical fields. Last year over 2,200 Dow employees were engaged as STEM Ambassadors (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) across 40 Dow sites in 24 countries

Start Up Your Business

To reduce unemployment in underprivileged communities, Philip Morris International supports women and young entrepreneurs in creating and developing innovative micro - and family businesses. To date, this initiative has supported more than 700 small businesses employing nearly 2,000 people.

WomenChangeMakers Fellowship Program

When women and men have equal opportunities, development accelerates. Philip Morris International supports outstanding women, who are social entrepreneurs, by helping them to scale up their business, creating a positive ripple effect on the lives of thousands of underprivileged women in India and Brazil.

תומכים בפצועי צה"ל - חזקים ביחד!

אל על מחבקת, כבר שנה שלישית, את פצועי צה"ל, ומטיסה אותם לטיול שחרור מהצבא

Promoting Awareness and Advancement of Diversity in the Workplace

HFN has taken an active role in the area of promoting awareness and advancement of diversity in the workplace including through hiring procedures diversification ofsuppliers, an in house diversity committee, participation in the “Collective Impact” partnership for a breakthrough in Arab employment and other forums.

Educating Future genaerations in Advance Cyber Programs

Check Point leads advanced Cyber Programs in schools and universities where today over 50,000 pupils and students can learn from the best security experts and help protect our future.

Creating Sustainable Lives for a Better Future

AT&T realized over 100 million Dollars in annualized energy savings from over 25,000 energy projects in 2016. Additionally, 1.6 million hours of youth mentoring were provided by AT&T employees in the last 5 years.

Collective Impact Initiative - The Partnership for a Breakthrough in Arab Employment

The Collective Impact Initiative and its partners work to achieve a long-term, sustainable, system-wide breakthrough in the integration of Arab employees in the workforce and the economy.

Helping the Younger Generation Aspire to Great Things

Cellebrite volunteers at Shiur Acher, visiting schools in Israel and exposing students to new areas of interest that may open more paths in their lives, and expand their horizons.

Enabling Economic Mobility for Israel’s Periphery

Google Growth Engine initiative is reducing the gap between the Startup Nation and Israel’s periphery through digital programs for SMBs and individuals.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Lockheed Martin works with communities in Israel to develop programs that teach and inspire the technology professionals of tomorrow from kindergarten through high school

Training Program for the Next Generation of Nonprofit CEOs

In the past 8 years KPMG has supported training of 250 Nonprofit CEOs by providing high quality guidance and addressing the critical needs of professionals in the nonprofit world

Empowering Teen Girls to Develop a High Tech Career

Microsoft promotes gender diversity in STEM field studies to reach 52%participation. MS employees meet, code, hack and role model to make sure future IT career opportunities are met by more talented young women.

Reducing Youth Unemployment in Cities Around the World

The Citi Foundation’s Pathways to Progress is upskilling young people for today’s economy, and supported over 200,000 young people globally in 2017.

Children Aren’t Just Our Future They Are Our Present

FBC is a co-founder and active sponsor of Children Playing Chess (NPO), where over 600 underprivileged children acquire important developmental skills, and have fun while learning the game of chess.

Creating and Developing Educational and Vocational Environment

TowerJazz funds and supports various educational and extracurricular activities for hundreds of children around the world, with a focus on gender equality, minority integration and thriving the love for science.

פרויקט שגרירי אל על- מייצגים את ישראל בעולם

בזמן שהותם בתפקיד בארצות שונות, עוברים דיילי אל על בבתי ספר,מוסדות שונים ובקהילה המקומית , מייצגים, מסבירם ומשפרים את תדמיתה של ישראל בעולם