For the first time – 10 of the largest Israeli and U.S. corporations collaborate in a six-months project to address the future of work

The Chamber's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Forum launched Outsight, a joint collaborative project with the leading Israeli and American corporations in partnership with government ministries and NGOs.This large-scale project, addresses the realities of the rapidly changing work-place affected by the advent of new technologies such as AI and robotics.Experts predict that 30% of jobs will be affected in the next 10 years.
80 creative, entrepreneurial employees of the 10 companies were selected and then divided into 10 work-groups who are studying the topic and develop methods, processes and tools to address this problem which is major concern for everyone. The developed solutions will be presented to a joint committee of industry and relevant government agencies in six months. The committee will select 2-3 ideas for immediate implementation and others for longer term adoption. In addition, companies and other stake holders will be able to pick-and-implement any of the various projects as they see fit.

For an article in the Israeli press click here.

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