The 2017 Chamber Annual Award Event

With the backdrop of President Trump's declaration of Jerusalem being the capital of Israel that same day, the Chamber celebrated its Annual Award Event “Giving Thanks” in what was a spectacular show of the robustness of the Israel-U.S. trade and economic relationship. The festive event at Ronit Farm, in the presence of Knesset Speaker, Yuli Edelstein, was attended by 500 guests including Chamber leadership, its members, partners and many of Israel's top business executives.

The event also highlighted Corporate Social Responsibility projects carried out by over 30 of our Chamber members depicted in a special poster exhibition at the event.

Chamber Chairperson, Ofra Strauss, was joined by U.S. Senior Commercial Officer, Greg Briscoe and Chamber CEO Oded Rose as they  cited seven Israeli companies for their outstanding contribution to the Israel-American trade, investment and commercial relationship. 

Mr. Michael (Mickey) Strauss received special recognition for life-time achievement for having built strong strategic partnerships for Strauss with some of the world's leading food companies, in particular U.S. based Pepsico, and for his commitment to social responsibility both at Strauss and in the community at large.

El Al Israel Airlines was cited for upgrading its fleet with sixteen Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft and for re-launching the nonstop Tel-Aviv – Miami route, and for its "EL AL Ambassadors" program.

To Tower Semiconductor for an outstanding company turnaround, becoming the global specialty foundry leader; for its production facilities in both the U.S. and Israel and for its leadership in corporate social responsibility.

To Gil Shwed and Marius Nacht for their vision and leadership at Checkpoint for a quarter of a century, turning the company into the global cyber security category leader.

For Emerson's acquisition of Spectronix, a Sderot based company, turning it into a global leader in automatic fire and gas leak detection and extinguishing technologies, and its commitment to strengthening Israel‘s periphery.

To AT&T for choosing to build a leading R&D center in Israel, for developing future generations of communications & technologies in Israel, and for supporting the local community and its diversified workforce.

To Lockheed-Martin for the acquisition of fifty F-35 fighter jets, embedding unique Israeli technologies, by the Israeli Air Force as well as providing a large industrial participation program and securing Israel's air-superiority and deterrence for many years to come.

To Dorit (Dodo) Bar Or for the unprecedented rapid penetration of the high end U.S. fashion market by a young Israeli entrepreneur, creating a unique brand, and strengthening the cultural connection between the two nations.

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Michael Strauss Chamber Award

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