The Steering Committee of the OUTSIGHT "Future-of-Work" project ( met to discuss progress and guide the four work groups in "Skills", "Training Programs", "Flexible Working Model", and "Life-Long-Learning". The committee members include participating companies CEOs, Director Generals of several government ministries and senior officials in the IDF, Academic Council, and civic groups. Only through such wide cross-sector collaboration of Business, Government and NGOs can we solve the challenges of today such as the Future of Work and Climate Change.

Participating companies: Intel, AMDOCS, Cisco, IAI, Teva, Strauss, Deloitte, Google, Microsoft, KPMG, CITI

Participating Government agencies and ministries:  Education, Labor, Equal Opportunity, Prime-Minister, Finance, IDF, Civil Service Commission, Council for Higher Education, Foreign M. Joint-TEVET

NGOs: Rothchild, Rashi, Afeka College


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