Herzeliya, January 31, 2024. AmCham, together with the US Embassy, hosted a round-table meeting with Dr. Jacob Cohen, the Chief Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center.

Dr. Cohen focused on the utilization of space and aeronautics for scientific and technological advancements. Dr. Cohen emphasized the need for collaborations between international, interagency, academic, and commercial entities to sustain new research initiatives and tackle challenges using the unique advantages offered by space.

AmCham members and guests, including Boeing, Space IL, WeSpace Technologies, SpacePharma and others, shared their respective activities, products, and ongoing collaborations with NASA.

Oded Rose, Amcham CEO, presented the Chamber’s activities and highlighted a new initiative aimed at bridging climate related challenges faced by US corporations by connecting them with Israeli technological solutions. He invited Dr. Cohen to take part and share any challenges faced by NASA that could potentially be addressed through collaborations with Israeli startups.

Oded expressed his gratitude to Dr. Cohen for attending the meeting and also acknowledged Tim Buckley, the First Secretary for Environment, Science, Technology, and Health issues at the US Embassy, for their collaboration in organizing the event, and thanked Dr. Bob Castro for hosting this event.

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