Amcham Israel Sustainability Forum and the Israel Resource Efficiency Center (IREC) hosted

a professional session at the Environment 2050 Conference on April 16

Green supply chains open up new business and financial opportunities - a message echoed by speakers at the professional session held by the Chamber’s Sustainability Forum and the Israel Resource Efficiency Center (IREC) at the Environment 2050 Conference on April 16

The session, which was well attended, dealt with the point of view of the Israeli industry on the issue of green supply chains and how to harness suppliers in sustainability issues critical to reducing the impact on the environment. IREC presented examples of US giants like Walmart and Amazon who set and meet goals on the path to net zero by 2050 and how the business sector drives the global environmental economy.

In the two panels held with leading corporations, we heard how organizations deal with the need to report emissions throughout the supply chain:

In the first panel, moderated by Dr. Uzi Dagan, head of the Knowledge Division at the Center for Resource Efficiency, representatives from Urbond, Poliram and Geniger, talked about the process, challenges and solutions implemented in their factory in light of growing demands by global clients.

In the second panel, moderated by Sagit Lampert, Head of the Chamber’s Sustainability Forum, participated representatives of three large corporations: Adela Gvili, Global Risk Officer at ICL; Mor Abecasis Maoz, Director of global environmental sustainability at Teva Pharmaceuticals; and Eve Alcoulombre, Carbon emissions expert at HP Indigo. Panelists shared their experience working with internal and external stakeholders implementing strategies to reduce GHG emissions upstream and downstream their supply chains.

The purpose of the panels was to show how the world of sustainability is inseparable from the business world of any company, small or large, and that the stakeholders in the field of emissions reporting in the organization are many, from the sales people through the operations people to the procurement and supply chain people.

Among the speakers were: Oz Katz, Deputy Director General Industries at Ministry of Economy and Industry, Israel; Alon Barnea, VP Development & Strategic Alliances, Afeka Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering and the Chamber Sustainability Forum leadership member; Adi Dishon, CEO of the IREC; Dr. Ohad Karni, Head of environmental policy, Ministry of Environmental Protection.



Alon Barnea, Vice President of Development at Afeka Tel Aviv Academic College of Engineering and a member of the Amcham Israel Sustainability Forum, gave an interview to Natalie Swisa from Infospot during the annual conference "Environment 2050".

Alon discussed Amcham Israel's role in supporting the Israeli industry in meeting upcoming US and European regulatory sustainability requirements. He emphasized the importance of adapting supply management practices to ensure competitiveness and compliance with international client needs.


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