The Health Committee of the Chamber, comprised of Israeli and American companies and startups, held its quarterly meeting on May 27. Updates and developments regarding the Committee and its workgroups activities were shared with the members. The discussions centered on the two working groups: the rare diseases group and the oncology group.

Additionally, at the end of an in-depth discussion, the committee announced on the establishment of a new workgroup - Healthcare Inequity, which will focus on the following topics

  1. Home care & Telemedicine
  2. Reduce gaps between center and periphery
  3. The hospital of the future: new generation
  4. The next generation of the new patient
  5. The aging of the Israeli population
  6. Prevention of chronic diseases in the 21 Century

This new group is envisioned to focus on promoting equity in healthcare provision and accessibility, aiming to address disparities and enhance inclusivity within the healthcare sector. The decision to form the Healthcare Inequity group underscores the committee's commitment to advancing healthcare solutions that cater to diverse populations and strive for fairness and equality in healthcare services.

The establishment of the Healthcare Equity group marks a significant step forward for the Health Committee of Amcham, signaling a proactive approach towards addressing societal health inequities and emphasizing the importance of inclusive healthcare practices.

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