Amira Shron

Former CTO and VP R&D, Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI)


Amira Sharon, Ph.D.  Former CTO and VP R&D, Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI)

Sharon began her career at IAI in 1998 at IAI’s Elta Division.

Her first position at Elta was as Systems Engineer, radar systems. 
A couple of years later, she was promoted to lead the Systems Engineering Management methodology and implementation, Airborne Early Warning (AEW).

In 2010, Sharon was appointed Project Manager for Elta's large-scale, complex Integrated Microwave Systems development project.  

After 13 years at Elta, Amira Sharon moved to IAI’s Lahav Division in 2011 to head the Systems Engineering Department with over 50 system engineers. At Lahav, Sharon led new systems development at the technology, avionics and robotics front.

In 2016, Amira Sharon was named director of Technology, Innovation and R&D at Lahav Division, where she remained until her appointment as Executive VP. 

Sharon holds three degrees from Israel Institute of Technology (Technion):  B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc. in Industrial Design and Ph.D. in Information Management Engineering.

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