Yossi Ben-Dror

Senior Partner, Y. Ben-Dror, Law Firm

Yossi Ben-Dror served in the Israel Defense Forces as an Intelligence Officer (Major) in a variety of intelligence, command and staff positions.
Mr. Ben-Dror Studied Law and Economics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and was certified as a lawyer in 1985.
Mr. Ben-Dror worked for five years at one of the leading corporate and commercial law firms in Israel and was appointed for an interim period, as the General Counsel and Secretary of the National Coal Supply Corporation.
In 1989 Mr. Ben-Dror was invited to work for three years at the renowned and leading firm - Hale and Dorr in the United States (currently Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr). In addition, Mr. Ben-Dror is a member of the Bar Association of New York State since 1990.
Upon his return to Israel, Mr. Ben-Dror established Y. Ben-Dror Law Firm, where he practices to date.

Mr. Ben-Dror served during his career, and is currently serving, in a variety of public positions, including:

 - Chairman and member of the board of directors of commercial companies

 - Board Member of the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce

 - Member of the Board of Directors of Herzliya Development Company Ltd.

 - Head of the Standards Committee (including the US Government, the Standards Institute and the Ministry of Trade and Industry)

 - Head of the local Steering Committee of the Middle East Commercial Center (which includes, inter alia, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, the Palestinian Authority and the Gulf States)

As part of his professional experience, Mr. Ben-Dror practices and specializes in the following areas:

  • Corporations,  including corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, high-tech, computer software and biotechnology
  • Commercial, including industry, banking and complex agreements and transactions
  • International, including representation of multinational corporations and companies in their control, international partnerships, investments, M&A and VC
  • Related fields including Securities, Labor law, Taxation, Real Estate, Antitrust and Intellectual Property
  • Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation

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