(October 22, 2018) Governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy and the Chamber Chairman Yaniv Garty have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the State of New Jersey and the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce to collaborate and promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The goal of this partnership is to have both organizations identify companies in New Jersey and Israel to help promote best practices in Corporate Social Responsibility to benefit stakeholders, economies, and communities on both sides.  

 “We know economic growth works best when it helps grow communities and not just companies, and is based on the concept of both doing right by both shareholders and society,” said Governor Murphy. “Corporate Social Responsibility,” as defined in the MOU, is a self-regulating business model that helps a company be socially and environmentally accountable to itself, its employees, its stakeholders, and the public by operating in ways that enhance society and the environment."  In addition to identifying companies in both New Jersey and Israel that follow the CSR model, the two organizations would also identify strategic collaborations to grow these practices throughout New Jersey and Israel’s business community,  share information regarding marketing and social media outreach, share research studies and surveys for the purpose of generating new ideas, and inform each other and endeavor to collaborate on key events targeted towards corporate social responsibility.

"Growing our economy is a top priority, but we must do it by working with companies to protect our environment and safeguard the interests of society," said Oded Rose, Chamber CEO. "I look forward to working with Governor Murphy and his team to share knowledge and best practices, thereby improving both our economy and our society" he added.

The signing ceremony (22/10), that took place at Airobotics, closed the roundtable meeting that the Chamber organized. Representative of seven leading companies in the autonomous vehicle space presented their technologies to the Governor and his team, who expressed the potential and advantages that NJ could provide Israeli companies.

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