Chamber Hosts Energy Ministry DG Mr. Shaul Meridor

Chamber Hosts Energy Ministry DG Mr. Shaul Meridor

The Chamber Energy Committee hosted Mr. Shaul Meridor the Director General of the Ministry of Energy at a breakfast meeting attended by 35 of the energy sector business executives.  The meeting was hosted by Energy Committee Chair Mr. Zvi Rome, CEO of Petco International and Chamber CEO Oded Rose.

Mr. Meridor addressed a number of burning issues such as the Natural Gas market, the reform of the electricity market and renewable energy.  With regards to the natural gas supply and distribution he said that as long as fuel prices are above $38 pbbl, it is economical to switch industrial users to gas but that the problem is more with management attention. The ministry is making every effort, he said, to reduce barriers and provide incentives including financial ones to help industrial users connect to the gas grid. He also mentioned a couple of trials to connect new neighborhoods to the NG grid (in Dimona and Tel Aviv), and that next year new busses and trucks will switch to NG engines. One of the ministry's main efforts is to restore industry confidence in the NG grid hook-up process.

Regarding other forms of energy, Mr. Meridor said that the ministry is committed to increase the reliance on renewable energy such as solar and some wind and reduce the use of coal to a minimum.

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