Petach-Tikva, June 21, 2023. The AmCham Healthcare Committee at its quarterly meeting met with Dr. Doron Netzer, CTO, Clalit HMO, the largest HMO in Israel. 

In his enlightening presentation Dr. Netzer discussed the launch of C-PI AI based predictive and preventative platform that was launched this year for the family doctors of Clalit who serve over hald of Israel's population. The discussion went on future applications of AI to Healthcare and cooperation of Healthcare providers and the industry. 

C-PI was created as as a part of Clalit's effort to provide to primary care physicians a set of preventive tools that can help them to find high risk patients and intervene at the right time for the right patient. It combines machine learning model with clinical knowledge to create a list of chronic patients with high risk of non-ambulatory hospitalization within one year.

Physician or nurse can see this list in the web application and contact a patient to decide what preventive actions can be done.

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