AmCham Israel welcomes the US State Department's announcement on Israel joining the visa waiver program.

The Chamber has put a lot of efforts for many years with the relevant parties, to push through adding Israel to the US visa waiver program.

The inclusion will have a significant impact on the economic relations between the countries by further expanding and strengthening the business ties between Israeli and American companies.

AmCham's Chairman, Cisco Israel's CEO Oren Sagi, commented: "The entrance of Israel to the US visa waiver program is very good news. The economic and commercial relationship between Israel and the United States is an important and essential pillar for the prosperity of Israel, and is of enormous importance especially these days. AmCham Israel works resolutely to promote and develop this relationship and promoted Israel's admission to the visa waiver program for a long time already. This program, which is a significant step in the promotion of trade relations between our two countries, indicates to the strength of the relationship and its importance, and it will greatly assist Israeli companies and business people in their business activities in the US".

AmCham's CEO Oded Rose added: "This is a particularly happy day for Israel and for Amcham's members. Over the years, we have done a lot to promote the visa waiver program for Israelis, and I am convinced that this will have a positive and significant effect on the business relations between Israelis and Americans, and will greatly contribute to the economic relations between the two countries."

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