Amcham Israel's Board of Directors, AmCham's members, friends and colleagues around the world are united in standing with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) as it fights to defend Israel and its citizens in the murderous war that was launched by the Hamas and other terrorist organizations on October 7th.

In addition to those who were drafted and whose family members already serve in the IDF and other security forces, AmCham and its member companies, board members, and staff are involved in dozens of support efforts to the IDF, the Israeli healthcare system, and local authorities from supply chain of medicine and medical equipment, to cyber defense and volunteering efforts around the country.

We thank the United States Government for its unequivocal support of Israel and the immediate assistance. We thank our friends in the US Chamber, and the AmCham Network for expressing their strong support of Israel's right to fully defend itself and unequivocal condemntation of the viscious attacks on Israel.

AmCham sends its deep condolences to the hundreds of families who lost their loved ones, our prayers for the swift healing of the thousands wounded and for the immediate return of those captured.

Our prayers for better days soon!

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