Fadoul Massawi

 CEO,  Mazzawi Advertising 

  • Chairman of the board of trustees - Yezreel Valley Academic College- up to 2018

  • Member in the board of trustees and the management board of Yezreel Valley Academic College

  • President of the Central Office for Art, Advertising and PR in the European Economic Chamber EEIG, Brussels- since 2009

  • Partner and Co-Chairman in Empathy Group Ltd – Arab and Jewish Social Business Tech– focusing in Empathy between different people

  • Partner and Co-Chairman in Harris Mazzawi International LLC, 

            Holding Company, SLC, Utah, USA- since 2012

  • Founder and partner in K&M- strategic, PR and B to B solutions- in 'Ramalla', WB, since 2009

           Founder and partner in Sanabil Digital– MediaCityUK, UK – since 2015

  • Founder and Partner in Sharq (East)-Partnership with Web3– Mobile and Digital Media solution, since 2012 

  • Visiting lecturer- Advertising and marketing to the ME and Arab Markets- in several colleges and universities in Israel, Europe and USA (Amongst it: CMU Brussels, BYU Utah- US, U university- USA and others)

  • Served as Senior Lecturer for 5 years- in visual communication and advertising- Ascola Fine Art College, Tel-Aviv- between 1995-2002

  • Counselor to leader institutions in marketing to Arab Society- 1995 and up to date

Served as director in the management board of the Israeli Advertising Agencies 

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